how it began

After completing his cosmetics education in Rome, Roberto Bezjon returned to New York as a makeup artist for Revlon. Gaining experience and popularity, he was offered a position at Estée Lauder and became part of the iconic group of makeup artists known as the “Estée Lauder boys”.

Seeking perfection always, Roberto soon created a cosmetic line of his own, Roberto Bezjon Cosmetics, with his signature item being his in-person personalized custom blend foundation.


an evolution

While working for Estée Lauder, Roberto was introduced to Kenneth Battelle, head of the legendary New York salon- Kenneth’s Salon. Soon after their introduction, Roberto became the head makeup artist at Kenneth’s.

Occassionaly assisting Kenneth with his hair clients, Roberto's passion and enthusiasm for hair began.


a new york institution

When Roberto came to visit Emilio Pucci at his boutique store, famously nestled at the foundation of a 4-story townhome on Madison Avenue, the top three floors of the Pucci mansion were vacant. Roberto inquired about renting the space above the fashion boutique to open his own salon with the hopes of gaining clients from the Pucci clientele.

Emilio agreed, and Roberto Bezjon Salon remained part of the Pucci Mansion until 1995. 


in demand

Roberto traveled across the country working as a freelance makeup artist and hairstylist for his celebrity clients and promoting his makeup line exclusively with ZCMI department store.

In 1999 Roberto relocated to the Central Park South & Sixth Avenue location to re-open his full-service hair salon. In addition to hair, he continued to work with his established makeup clients and shipped his custom blend foundation across the US.


a family affair

When Roberto Bezjon retired in the Spring of 2020, his daughter, Jacqueline Bezjon took over the business.

Jacqueline has overseen a complete renovation of the iconic Sixth Avenue location. Now Salon Bezjon, the location has transformed into an omage to the past and a beacon for the future.